Coming to 3-D Blu-ray on October 4, 2016 with the image mastered and the original stereophonic three-track magnetic audio meticulously restored by Greg Kintz and the 3-D Film Archive!

All the baked-in vertical alignment issues and reverse stereo shots have finally been corrected and

IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE looks better now than it did theatrically in 1953.

Dirt and damage clean-up was done by
Thad Komorowski.

In addition, IT was only the sixth feature to be released with stereo sound and when you hear the original and VERY dynamic 1953 mix (not heard in 63 years) you will be knocked out! Full details on the amazing audio can be found here: It's in the Mix

For the first time since 1953, you will see IT with the original intermission break. 3-D Myths explains why 3-D features required an intermisson.

Exclusive pre-orders are available now from Best Buy!

To everyone that backed our Kickstarter campaign which
enabled us to save the lost 3-D feature, SEPTEMBER STORM;
thank you very much!