To everyone that backed our Kickstarter campaign with 3-D SPACE to save SEPTEMBER STORM, thank you very much!

Scroll down for a list of the generous individuals who have made this restoration possible. We could not have saved it without you.

There is information at the bottom of this page about our discovery and restoration of the lost British 3-D short, HARMONY LANE.

This lobbycard features a rare view of Lamar Boren with the underwater 3-D camera rig.

The following newsreel footage is silent. Here is the original narration: It's a big day for the U.S. Spearfishing team that is soon to compete for international honors in Sicily - and this huddle around San Diego's finest pool has more to it than meets the eye - a mystery explained by the world premiere of "September Storm", an aquatic thriller filmed in Stereo-Vision, the new third-dimensional CinemaScope process. It's a benefit opening to raise the money necessary to send the spear fishermen to Italy and they attend in a body with their lady-friends. The latter in bikinis that are replicas of that worn by Joanne Dru, the heroine of "September Storm". It's San Diego's theatrical sensation of the decade and public comments label it - "Cool, man, Cool."

We are extremely grateful to the following individuals for their generous financial support which enabled us to restore this film:


Mike Ballew

Mark Alan Beals

Edward Boles

Eddie and Carol Bowers

A. Braunsdorf

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Andrew Buckle

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Christos Gartaganis

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Thank you very much to Asher Dann for sharing his memories of filming SEPTEMBER STORM.

3-D Image Restoration – Greg Kintz

Restoration Producer – Bob Furmanek

Kickstarter Campaign Manager – Eric Kurland/3-D Space

Digital Image Restoration – Thad Komorowski

Title Restoration – Jack Theakston

4K Scanning – OCN Digital Labs

View-Master promotional reel courtesy of Image3D:

Thank you to Rich Dubnow, Ramona Welle, Phil Nishikawa, Teresa Andresen, Heidi Hodgkinson, Liz OeDell, Kaitlyn Hansen, Jeff Huchendorf, Olivia Welle, Sara Mendez

               SPECIAL THANKS    

Vincent Apollo

Mike Ballew

Mark Balsam

Ryan Emerson

John Geary

Lawrence Kaufman

Helen Lokes

Joe Rubin

George Schmalz

Geo. Willeman

In August 2014, we discovered the lost 3-D film HARMONY LANE buried deep in the vaults of the British Film Institute. Directed by Lewis Gilbert (as Byron Gill) and photographed by A.E. Jeakins in March 1953, it sat on the shelf until the end of 1954 when it was finally released flat.

This delightful 27 minute short is like spending a night at the Palladium with several variety acts.  They include dancing by the Jack Billings Trio; a song by the Beverley Sisters; "Swan Lake" by Svetlana Beriosova and David Paltenghi of the Sadler's Wells Ballet; precision dancing by The Television Toppers and a comedy routine with Dora Bryan and Max Bygraves. The orchestra was directed by future Hammer Studios composer, Philip Martell.

Art direction was by future Oscar and Emmy nominee Michael Stringer and the excellent stereo cinematography was the work of Brian Smith. In 1951, Smith had directed the first British 3-D short in Technicolor, DISTANT THAMES/ROYAL RIVER which was a tremendous success at the Festival of Britain and the Edinburgh Film Festival.

HARMONY LANE has never been seen in 3-D and we are thrilled to announce its stereoscopic debut on our upcoming Blu-ray release of SEPTEMBER STORM!

June 4, 1953 trade ad from "The Cinema" courtesy of The Cinema Museum.

Thank you very much to Lewis Gilbert and John Gilbert.

We are grateful to the following individuals for their invaluable assistance
in restoring HARMONY LANE.


Nigel Algar

Jo Botting

Margaret Deriaz

Tony Dykes

Jan Faull

Fiona Grimes

Julie Pearce

Scott Starck


Brian May

Denis Pellerin


Timothy D. Corrie

Sally Frost

Keith M. Johnston

David Pierce

Markku Salmi

Josh Siegel

Jonathan Sloman

Tony Sloman

Phil Symes

Jack Theakston