Stereo Discs

 Emory Cook demonstrated his two channel binaural recordings at the New York Audio Fair in November 1952
Atlantic Records issued "the first commercial binaural disc recording" at that event. 

March 12, 1955: London Records testing.

June 24, 1957: RCA makes first announcement.

November 13, 1957 (date in matrix): Audio Fidelity presses 500 copies of the first Stereodisc.

The test disc is first heard publicly in New York City on December 13, 1957.

December 9, 1957

December 16, 1957

December 23, 1957

December 30, 1957

January 13, 1958 - Fairchild cartridge introduced

February 15, 1958: Audio Fidelity to release four Stereodisc albums.

February 24, 1958 - Fairchild begins production of first cartridge.

March 1958: Audio Fidelity releases the first four stereo albums and ships 10,000 copies of:

AFSD 1830/5830: Johnny Puleo and his Harmonica Gang volume 1

AFSD 1835/5835: Bullring! La Fiesta Brava volume 4

AFSD 1843/5843: Railroad - The Sounds of a Vanishing Era

AFSD 1851/5851: Marching Along with the Dukes of Dixieland volume 3

The initial 10,000 discs used a mono cover with a gold Stereodisc sticker physically attached to the front. Once new covers were ready for the second pressings, the revised Stereodisc stickers (which included the respective album numbers) were part of the artwork.

If you'd like to find the first copies, look for this sticker.

March 15, 1958: Counterpoint announces their first two releases.

CPST 555: Boccherini & Vivaldi Cello Concerti – Aldo Parisot (the stereo release is delayed until May)

CPST 556: Juanita Hall Sings the Blues (reviewed in Billboard on April 14)

March 1958: Fairchild Recording advertisement.

March 25, 1958: RIAA sets standards.

March 31, 1958: Majors hold back while independent labels rush to release product.

April 7, 1958: Magnavox is the first to offer stereo players.

April 14, 1958: Audio Fidelity sales boom.

April 14, 1958: Westrex advertisement

April 19, 1958: Celestial Records announces stereo discs.

NOTE: We can find no further reference to these Celestial albums in stereo. If you have any additional  information to confirm their release, please let us know.

April 26, 1958: Audio Fidelity public demonstration.

May 1, 1958: Urania releases five albums.

USD 1001: Saint-Saens Symphony No. 3 in C, Op. 78 (first title shipped in late April)

USD 1002: Offenbach's Gaite Parisienne

USD 1003: Strauss Sparkles in Hi Fi

USD 1004: La Boutique Fantasque

USD 1005: Society Dances to Milt Shaw and his Orchestra at the St. Regis

This June article from HiFi & Music Review was written in early May and discusses the first six releases.

May 1958: Audio Fidelity releases four more discs:

 AFSD 5844 - Leon Berry at the Giant Wurlitzer Pipe Organ Volume 3

AFSD 5849 - Lionel - Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra

AFSD 5857 - Bagpipes and Drums - 9th Regiment Pipe Band

AFSD 5860 - On Bourbon Street with the Dukes of Dixieland Volume 4

Early May: ABC-Paramount releases six albums.

ABCS 143: Strauss in Hi Fi - Ork Valentino

ABCS 218: Eydie Gorme Vamps the Roaring 20's

ABCS 219: More College Drinking Songs - The Blazers

ABCS 221: Heavenly Sounds in Hi Fi - Ferrante and Teicher

ABCS 222: World War II Songs in Hi Fi - Four Sergeants

ABCS 224: Hi Fi in an Oriental Garden - Cely Carrillo and others

ABCS 226: The New Billy Taylor Trio (initially announced but delayed)

The first stereo sampler is released in May.

 May 1, 1958: Stereo Records releases six albums.

S7001: Music to Listen to Barney Kessel By

S7002: My Fair Lady - Shelly Manne and His Friends

S7003: Leroy Walks - Leroy Vinnegar Sextet

S7004: Pal Joey - Andre Previn and His Pals

S7005: Firehouse Five Plus Two Goes to Sea

S7006: Mendelssohn Quartet in E Flat


 May 8, 1958: Hallmark releases nineteen albums.

HLG 500: Peer Gynt Suite #1/Cappriccio Italiane

HLG 501: Symphony #5 in E Minor

HLG 502: Symphony #6 in B Minor

HLG 503: Symphony #2 – Beethoven

HLG 504 – Wagner Overtures

HLG 505 – Mardi Gras

 HLP 300 – The Eddy Duchin Story in Stereo

HLP 301 – The Name’s Haymes!

HLP 302 – The Tommy Dorsey Story in Stereo

HLP 303 – The Nation’s Big Hits

HLP 304 – Dance Time U.S.A

HLP 305 – Complete Dance Party

HLP 306 – Music from the Films

HLP 307 – Evening in Paris

HLP 308 – The Music of George Gershwin

HLP 309 – Stereo Moods

HLP 310 – Full Dimensional Stereo Demonstration Record – Narrated by Del Sharbutt

HLP 311 – Dance Parade – Lenny Herman

HLP 312 – Dixieland Jazz in Stereo

May 12, 1958: Hi Fi to releases eight albums this month.

SR 602: Band with a Beat - Harry Zimmerman

SR 604: Jazz Erotica - Richie Kamuca and his Band

SR 606: Harp with a Beat - Verlye Mills and the Billy May Orchestra

SR 713: The Genius of George Wright

SR 715: George Wright's My Fair Lady

SR 804: The End on Bongos - Jack Burger and his Orchestra

SR 805: Jazz 'n' Razz Ma Tazz - Georgie and his Varsity Five

SR 806: Taboo - Arthur Lyman

May 12, 1958: Majors to release in the summer.

May 20, 1958: Stereo Fidelity releases twenty albums.

SF 1600: Complete Minstrel Show

SF 1800: Rhapsody in Blue

SF 1900: Honeymoon in South America

SF 2000: Johann Strauss Waltzes

SF 2500: Honeymoon in Paris

SF 2600: Scheherazade

SF 2800: Around the World in 80 Days

SF 3000: Honeymoon in Manhattan

SF 3100: Let's Dance to Hits of the 30's and 40's

SF 3300: Pajama Game and Silk Stockings

SF 3400: Gay Nineties Waltzes

SF 4400: 101 Strings in a Night in the Tropics

SF 5000: 101 Strings Play Hit Songs from Pal Joey

SF 5100: Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture

SF 5500: Safari

SF 5800: Blues

SF 6300: Depression

SF 6400: Bridal Bouquet

SF 6500: Hi Fi Band Concert

SF 77: South Pacific and Music Man

June 1, 1958: Elektra releases two albums.

EKL 118: The New York Jazz Quartet Goes Native

EKL 139: The Original Trinidad Steel Band


July, 1958: Rondo releases twelve albums.

ST 501: Haydn, "Military" Symphony - Boston Festival Orchestra

ST 502: Barber, Adagio for Strings - Boston Festival Orchestra

ST 503: Flamenco Fiesta - Carlos Montoya & Group

ST 504: Wine Garden Music of Vienna - Anita Ast & Schrammel Orchestra

ST 505: The Organ in Stereo - Reginald Foort/Mosque, Richmond VA

ST 506: The Organ at Symphony Hall - Reginald Foort/Boston Symphony Hall

ST 507: Dixieland Clambake on Bourbon Street - Tony Almerico's Band

ST 508: Music of Around the World in 80 Days and My Fair Lady - Johnny Gregory & Orchestra

ST 509: Beethoven, Fifth Symphony - Boston Festival Orchestra

ST 510: Stereo Feast for Orchestra - Boston Festival Orchestra

ST 511: Big Band Latin Jazz - Willie Rodriguez and his Orchestra

ST 512: Horizontal and Upright - Red Camp with Rhythm